About Us

What does CR stand for? Simple…Corporate Refugee.

I’m Bob Blanke, Mechanical Engineer, MBA, and founder of CR Contracting.  After years of Corporate America, I realized that my work life had become a hollow, empty existence. It needed to change.

I grew up on a farm in Ohio. We did everything ourselves.  No repairmen, no service calls, and no option for failure. When you needed help, you looked to a neighbor or friend you could trust – and they didn’t disappoint.  Looking back, I realized that was a great way to live. We trusted those around us, we were making an honest living, and we felt good about what we did every day. I found that I had been missing that “settled” feeling and thought I would try to get it back into my life.  CR Contracting was born in that moment and we have not looked back.

We’ve spent more than ten years building a company we can be proud of.  We hire people that we would trust to work on our own homes. We don’t take on more than we can handle, we do what we say we will do, and we stick to the budgets you approve.  We work here. We live here. We give to the community. We take the high road – always. I named the company CR Contracting to remind me of how empty corporate life was and how much better it is working with folks that have mutual respect for each other.  If this sounds like the way you like to do business, please consider giving us a call.  

Proud member of the community, we sponsor the:
Monarch Football team, Guys who Give, Monarch Mountain Bike Team, and the Louisville Caboose!

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