Comprehensive Fire Clean Up and Excavation

Excavation and Demolition Services

Thank you for considering partnering with CR Contracting as your fire cleanup contractor. We would be proud to be your trusted advisor throughout the cleanup process, making the daunting task of rebuilding a bit smoother. We will ensure that your project gets completed quickly and competently, and will put you square on the path to “move back home” in the shortest possible timeframe. CR Contracting has been part of this community for years and we were all devastated to see the damage caused by the fires. We are offering our services as a private alternative to the Government/FEMA cleanup that has been promised. We will be working to the same standards set forth by Boulder County, but moving more quickly. By using our own equipment and local resources to get your property to “shovel ready” condition, you won’t have to wait around on any help from the government. You can focus on rebuilding, knowing your lot will be ready when you are.

We are providing a single source solution, handling all aspects of the fire cleanup, including comprehensive project management, hazardous material mitigation, hauling, foundation removal, and much more. We have found that many insurance policies will cover most (if not all) of the cleanup costs, but we will still be quoting each project individually, ensuring you will know what to expect before we get started. Your insurance adjuster will be involved from the outset, maximizing insurance benefits. You will have a trusted, reliable, local company to work with, ensuring the best possible outcome without having to guess when the government might show up to do the work. If anyone would like to discuss how our program may work for you, please call us at 303-501-5916.

Fire Cleanup Project Summary

Pre-project assumptions

  • Client site has been hydromulched by Boulder County
  • Cars, trees, or other imminent hazards have already been mitigated by the county
  • Client to provide documentation of insurance or sufficient funds to cover all cleanup costs
  • All government will be outlined and followed. Permits and inspections included.

Negotiation/Contract Phase

  • Investigate homeowner insurance policy, involve adjuster to see what is covered
  • Generate proposal based on site visit and expected insurance reimbursements
  • Estimate total amount of owner responsibility (if expected)
  • Sign proposal, generate contracts
  • Sign Contract, collect deposit. Customer enters que

Pre Construction

  • Use Construction Online web-based platform to assign project manager and build out project schedule
  • Activate client portal and load relevant project details and information
  • Apply for demo permit (expect 7 day turnaround time), Pay for and obtain demo permit
  • Schedule start date


  • Deliver dumpsters: Per state and county requirements, Licensed Hauler, double plastic burrito wrapped and tarped, manifested load, reference demo permit number and address. As dumpsters are loaded and wrapped, they will be delivered to Front Range Landfill in Erie for disposal. Logs maintained and manifests uploaded

Hazmat/Fire Debris Mitigation

  • Licensed mitigation crew to remove ash and fire debris from
    foundation/basement, place in dumpsters and dispose
  • Dampen debris with water to minimize dust
  • Scrape 2 inches of topsoil from lot (as required), place in dumpsters and
  • Third Party Testing to certify that hazards have been mitigated
  • Structural Engineering Investigation/Opinion Letter of Foundation Condition
  • Cap all utilities (Gas, Water, Electric, Sewer)

Foundation Removal

  • Demo and recycle foundation and footers (piles and caissons to remain)
  • Demo and recycle structural steel, Demo and recycle flatwork, Demo and Dispose of brickwork/landscaping using dumpsters
  • Foundation Hole Backfill: Includes fill dirt, leveling, and compaction
  • Final Inspection and Close out Demolition Permit

CR Contracting specializes in mid-to-small size demolition and excavation work. On December 30th major fires burned nearly 1,000 structures and over 6,000 acres of land. Our hearts go out to those affected. Massive amounts of ash and debris was left behind that will need to be cleaned up. We want to help those in desperate need with debris removal, cleanup, and disposal services. 

We have the equipment, experience, and availability to do so. Our CAT Equipment is ready to be used to help those displaced and in need of clean up or demolition. Call us and tell us how we can help!

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