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At CR Contracting we love what we do and are grateful for our clients who trust us to walk them through their home renovations.

We’re guessing you’ve heard at least one contractor horror story? We’re here to tell you – it’s probably true. We’ve heard hundreds of nightmarish scenarios from people that have asked us to save them from their contractor…you know…the one they found by “calling around and getting three estimates”. It should be easy to find a competent contractor, but it isn’t.  Construction doesn’t work like other industries and any assumptions you make can end up costing you thousands. 

Construction Projects, both small and large, are trust-based partnerships.  Over the years, CR Contracting has developed and refined our Design Build Process to ensure your interests are looked after, as well as our own. We spend time getting to know you and getting to know what is important to you relative to your construction needs. We design and plan your project out in great detail, with you, using the most effective collaborative technology available. Our proven design build process eliminates many of the variables that can end up costing all of us time and money.  Before the first nail is driven, you will know EXACTLY how much your project will cost, when it will be done, and you will have a detailed, written plan (not a bid or estimate) to do the work.

If you would like to know more about how our Design Build Process could work for you, please give us a call!

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